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August in pictures.

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Thank you, Mr President.

Everyone has a unique way of making their displeasure known. I call it the “Pissed Off Power Play”, or POPP for short.

Some shout out an assortment of four-letter words, others cry hysterically, some even resort to physical violence. A particular ex-girlfriend of mine did all three. I’m pretty sure she won’t be reading this. But if she is, I’ll know it soon enough through the sharp stabbing pains I’ll feel in my back, caused by the voodoo doll she keeps of me. Let’s just say our decision to part wasn’t exactly a joint one.

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One month.

Well, that went quickly.

Today marks a month since our arrival. And in that time, we’ve been productive. Freakishly productive.

We’ve got social security cards, opened bank accounts, rented cars, found a house, signed up the kids to schools, registered with doctors, overspent in IKEA, started work (me), made friends (Alex), picked up the accent (Ava) and eaten a lot of ketchup (Daisy).

Life here is great. Every day is a learning experience. Take today, for example – I went for my first haircut in the US, and soon learned I need to go somewhere else.

We’ve come a long way in 30 days, and some of what we’ve experienced deserves a post in its own right. When I have the time, I’ll give it the attention it needs. For now, I’ve added some photos to give a flavour of what July looked like.

Tomorrow we move in to our new house. On Tuesday, my Mum’s flying out to babysit for us spend quality time with us. Hopefully security won’t seize her Marmite stash at the airport.

You have a nice day now…