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13 things I miss about the UK.

I’ve just got back from a couple of weeks in London. While I was there, I binged on Britain – I drank in every pub, ate in every tea room, lined up in every job centre.

It was my first trip back, and I was surprised by the things I’d missed. Here they are.

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See the pictures here

16 things we’ve learned about life in the US.

Today is exactly 6 months since we left the UK.

In that time, Alex has taken up running, Daisy has tantrummed in some of the biggest public spaces in Northern California, and Ava has turned into a walking, talking all-American kid. Me? The main change I’ve noticed is that I wear white socks more than I used to, without worrying about my street cred.

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A view of November.

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Bright light city.

Thanksgiving was great. A week off work, eating copiously and drinking irresponsibly. And although I’m no closer to understanding what the point of Thanksgiving is, I enjoyed the hell out of it anyway.

My parents were already in town, and to top it off, my twin sister flew in too. We hadn’t seen each other for months and were desperate to catch up – so we did the grown up thing and buggered off to Vegas for 24 hours. The morning after she arrived, we dumped the kids with Alex and my folks gave Alex and the grandparents quality time with the children, and headed for the bright lights. Continue reading Bright light city.


Yesterday was Thanksgiving.

A day when Americans get together to watch football, eat their body weight in turkey, and open a can of thanks on one another. They thank their hosts for a lovely meal, to which their hosts say thank you. Then the dinner guests thank them for their gracious hospitality. So the hosts find something to thank them for again. And so it continues until they either run out of things to be thankful for, or they run out of cranberry sauce. At which point shit gets real.

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