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Tumbonas at dawn. 

I can only recall three occasions when I’ve willingly woken up early:

1. for the birth of my second daughter

2. Glastonbury tickets pre-sale

3. to escape some random’s bed at Uni

Getting up early is reserved for only the most pressing moments in my life.

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Going steady.

Before the move out here, me and Uncle Sam flirted for a while. While I negotiated terms with work, we played footsy under the table. And then the deal was done – I upped and moved. We’ve been heavy petting ever since.

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Bright light city.

Thanksgiving was great. A week off work, eating copiously and drinking irresponsibly. And although I’m no closer to understanding what the point of Thanksgiving is, I enjoyed the hell out of it anyway.

My parents were already in town, and to top it off, my twin sister flew in too. We hadn’t seen each other for months and were desperate to catch up – so we did the grown up thing and buggered off to Vegas for 24 hours. The morning after she arrived, we dumped the kids with Alex and my folks gave Alex and the grandparents quality time with the children, and headed for the bright lights. Continue reading Bright light city.