See you in another life, brother.

God only knows what triggers a memory in a 5 year old. But while she was brushing her teeth yesterday, Ava suddenly recalled something that happened 3 months ago. 

Back story: my mother-in-law teaches at a school in London. Ever since we moved to the US, she’s been telling the kids in her class about the adventures of her Grandchildren in America. So, when we were back in London for a few weeks in April, Ava spent the afternoon with her at the school.

And so, while Ava was brushing her teeth yesterday, she revealed that there was a girl in my mother-in-law’s class who she knew.

Who, might you ask?

Wimp, that’s who.

Yes, the very same kid who cried her way through Ava’s swimming lessons, back when we were living in the UK.

That’s a coincidence worthy of a Lost episode.

Now I’m expecting to find Wimp’s Dad hiding out in a secret hatch in my garden.

So if by the next time I’m blogging, all I can do is mutter a string of numbers, you’ll know why.



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