My kind of town.

Campbell is where we live, and where we love.

We moved in 9 months ago, and in that time we’ve come to know our neighbours, and they us. To many, we’re the charming family with the cute children. To the people who live immediately next door, we’re the Brits with the ragey kids.

Here’s a few snapshots of Campbell life.

Farmers market.
Every Sunday, come rain or shine, downtown Campbell plays host to a celebration of fresh, locally grown, organic produce. And a Korean barbeque too, for some strange reason. Still, it’s on our doorstep, it’s always sunny, and you get free food. Winning.


Keep it clean.
Campbell is so tidy, even dogs are expected to follow the rules. In England, a “Dog Waste Station” is more commonly known as “every street corner” (unless you happen to be in a Royal Park).


Keep it green.
Only another 2,000 supporters are needed to get the City of Campbell council to reconsider its ban on marijuana for medical use. Volunteers are crawling the city, trying to get petition signatures. If they can just figure out how to get all the stoners to exchange their Cheetos for a pen, they might actually see some success.


On the subject of skunk…
Here’s some next-level roadkill. There’s only one thing that smells worse than a skunk: a dead one.


Campbell Water Tower.
A beacon that stands tall above the community. Because of the drought it probably doesn’t even hold water, but we’ll ignore that detail for now.


Lit up in purple in tribute to Prince, following his death last week.


Forbidden nostalgia.
Fancy a trip down memory lane? Too bad.


Little library.
All over the neighbourhood there are spots where you can grab a free book, and take some time out to read and look intelligent. And you can’t bet-tar dis one.


Built by superheroes.
Even the branding for roadworks is cool round here. Bay Area Traffic Solutions, I salute you.


Bad Boys, bad boys, what you gonna do?
Last month, a wanted felon stole a Campbell police car. Things like that actually happen out here, and not just in the latest instalment of Grand Theft Auto. Here are the local Campbell cops in action, arresting a hedge fund manager (possibly).


To Pun and to Serve.
But when the Campbell Police aren’t keeping our streets safe from software engineers and dogs that don’t use waste stations, they’re running their social media account like a boss.

…which is a better use of their time than hosting random events like this – “National Prescription Take Back Day”, where you can return expired medication and over-the-counter drugs to the Police Department.


Yes, people who inhabit the real world – National Prescription Take Back Day is an actual thing! I can just imagine all the local junkies rubbing their hands together in glee, as they look forward to their annual rummage through the trash cans at the police station.


p.s.There must be better ways to dispose of your unwanted meds.

Here’s my idea: a Mix and Mash Up party.

1. Invite friends over.
2. Guests deposit their expired medication into a bowl.
3. Everyone helps themselves.
4. Mash Up ensues.

Any other suggestions?

Write them on the back of an Ibuprofen packet and mail them to me. I promise to read every one… if the postman doesn’t O.D before they reach my door.


Any thoughts on this?

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