Stop the clock.

The US Embassy would like to make the following announcement:

We are currently unable to print most nonimmigrant visas approved after June 8, 2015. If you attended a visa interview on or after June 9 and were advised that your visa was approved, we are currently unable to print that visa.

So what does this mean?

Well, despite the US having the world’s largest economy, and Americans spending $1.5 billion each year on teeth whitening products alone, they don’t have a printer that works. And until they do, we’re here for an indefinite period. I believe the kids would typically end this paragraph with “FML”.

All in all, things are just a little awkward.

Take yesterday for example, my supposed last day at work, when I was presented with a gift from everyone in the office. I then cleared my desk, said my goodbyes, and some of us went to the pub down the road to toast my onward journey. Next week, I’ll be back in the office again.

And then there’s tomorrow night, when our friends and family descend on a bar in the local area for our leaving party. Except we’re not leaving.

And, for those of you who read my previous posts, it also means that I’ve been needlessly hugging that homeless guy up the street.

Our flights have been released, corporate housing contract cancelled. All we can do is wait.

So if you need to reach us in the coming weeks, you’ll mostly find us in a darkened room, listening to American folk tracks and crying into a cheeseburger.

Long live the American dream.


3 thoughts on “Limbo.”

  1. YES!!! My secret chat and plea with the IT Dept at the U.S. Embassy has paid off at last!! By the way, pardon my ignorance but what does “FML” mean?


    1. Great name, Matriarch. I underestimated the powerful circles you move in. You may have won this battle but you’ve not won the war… FML is what the cool kids say these days. Use that little-known Google website for reference x


  2. Treading water – lots of movement but going nowhere!!!! Hubby and I are also booked for a pre move few days in New Zealand but our passports are with the Consular General. We haven’t cancelled our flights yet but the accommodation we have booked for the first 5 days in NYC is non-refundable. Aaaaaaarrrrgh. To state the obvious – HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN!?!?!?

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