Take us to task.

We leave in 3 weeks. It still doesn’t feel real.

When will it though – at the airport? When the kids start calling Alex ‘Mom’? When I’m at an American Football game and I realise I actually understand what the hell’s going on?

Thankfully, some things are helping to ground us in reality. 

My ex-boss who hired me invited us over for a bbq send-off at the weekend. She and her husband are US born and bred, and moved over to the UK with her job several years ago. It was a great introduction to life stateside.

We had corn casserole for the first time (we’re already hooked), while her husband served up his encyclopaedic knowledge of Californian living – from the culture of backyard grilling, to singlestream recycling and Bay Area freeway access. Hell, her 5 year old even taught me that Wilkerson plays for the New York Jets. 

The only thing missing was a national anthem singalong and an ice hockey fight.

I’m pretty sure this cultural immersion wasn’t part of the official relocation package, but I’d highly recommend it to anyone making the move. Suzy and Josh – if you’re reading – thank you again. I’ve made contact with the Global Mobility team, so you should expect a steady flow of future expats through your door from now on.

That kicked off the send-off sessions, of which there are many, in different forms. We had the kids’ birthday party where we said goodbye to some of the extended family, Alex had her work leaving do last night, we’ve both got dinners and drinks planned with various people…and more still.

We’re now struggling to find time for all the tasks we have to get done before we go, which is pretty stressful. But I’ve realised the problem isn’t time – it’s the tasklist.

The glaring omission from the list is ‘Spend time with friends and family’.

We want to make the most of the time we have with everyone before we leave. But we have deadlines that enable us to leave in the first place – important things like filing application forms, developing washboard abs, and buying enough PG Tips to outlast the apocalypse.

When we’re in the US, I’m sure we’ll miss our friends and family the most. So we’re doing our best to see everyone before we go. But if we can’t make it happen, we’re truly sorry. Hopefully you can find it in your hearts to forgive us.

And if you can’t, hate mail may be the best method to reach us. Just send it to our home address, once our tenants have moved in.


2 thoughts on “Take us to task.”

  1. I am writing a very similar blog to yours but my family is 3 weeks behind you in the process. Reading your blog is helping me feel like we’re not the only one’s out there going through this craziness. Great writing too.
    All together now, “O say can you see, by the dawn’s early light…”


    1. Thanks for your note, Nichole. Great to here we’re in this together, albeit from many thousands of miles away. Hopefully my blog will help you see what’s coming down the track. In the meantime, any and all tips for surviving long-haul with toddlers will be gratefully received. Maybe we should start a self-help group? 🙂 Good luck!


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