Something dodgy is going on.

I’ve had one external approach in the past 3 years about a marketing vacancy. But in the past week alone, I’ve been approached by 3 different companies to see if I’m interested in an opening at their firm.

And on each occasion, the opportunity has got better. Yesterday it was a Head of Marketing role at another leading tech company.

Given how close we are to leaving, the timing is suspicious. Maybe it’s a set-up by my employer to test my resolve and commitment to the move?

I can imagine the conversation with their recruitment spies:

“Sir, he’s still not budging.”

“Then offer him Natalie Portman’s love child and the moon on a 24-carat gold stick. We’ll break that sunshine-chasing Brit, goddamnit.”

I’ve been quick to turn them down, but the approaches have helped me home in on the reasons for our move.

Our move is not driven by money, frustration with our current jobs, or boredom with our life in London.

We’re doing it because it’s a good career move, for a fresh life experience, to find new adventures, and to show the kids a different perspective. One that involves free refills and pull-out disposable toilet seat covers.

Truth is, wild horses couldn’t stop us.

(note to recruitment spies, if you’re reading: throw in a date with Dave Grohl, and I reckon Alex will very quickly forget the whole thing.)


Any thoughts on this?

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