A state. 

We love California. Like, really love it. We want to hold it, squeeze it, and never let it go. 

And guess what? California feels exactly the same way. About our money. 

Yours too, unfortunately. Just by reading this blog, they’re on to you. You now have to file a tax return in the US and pay tax to California on previously earned income. You may have to donate your kidney and left testicle too, subject to how clean-living and attractive you are. 

It was round 2 of tax talks today, this time about the US entry process. The consultant played it to perfection. He enthused about exemptions and foreign tax breaks, paused for dramatic effect, and then sternly informed me we’re not eligible for most of them. I’m surprised he didn’t give me a wedgie over the phone for good measure. 

I have a better handle now on what we’ll be paying, and have therefore upgraded our tax threat level from “severe” to “borrow from the parents”. 

Thankfully the good people at Deloitte will support us for the next 2 years as we prepare and file our returns. I’m just not sure at this point if that extends to emotional counselling too. 


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