Things we’ll miss about London – chapter 1

No. 1: aggressive pigeons. 

We’ll miss these little cuties, with their dirty grey bodies and mangled feet. 

Little-known fact: I can read their minds. This one’s saying: “I dare you. Take one more photo and I’ll do a fly-by shit in your lunch”.  


No. 2: tube sleepers. 

This lady, doing a good job of pretending to sleep, to avoid giving up her seat to a pregnant commuter. 


No. 3: posh pooch poop. 

You know you’re in a Royal Park when there’s a designated doggy dump area. You know you’re in every other part of London when the designated dump area is the whole bloody neighbourhood.  



4 thoughts on “Things we’ll miss about London – chapter 1”

  1. At moments of missing or longing please sit down on your gorgeous local beach and simply breathe in the unadulterated beauty that you’ve arrived at and give thanks. We’ll be with you in spirit all the way x

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  2. The best thing you can do for your family is to remember the US is a foreign country. We may almost speak the same language but there are a lot of words used differently. Also it is 3000 miles across. That does not include Alaska or Hawaii. California is like two states. The north has giant redwoods and the south has a drought and the whole place has earthquakes. The best way to see the country is to visit the cities and get them out of your system and then start with the national parks. Right there in Cal is Yosemite. It has bears…be careful. Then you can start with state parks. The ones in the east are great. Don’t know much about the west. I have traveled some but still haven’t visited nearly enough states. It doesn’t matter where you live(with the exception of NY) but you need two cars(autos) because everywhere is waaaaay over there. Good luck.


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