Bye, bud. 

A few years ago we bought a little Buddha for our garden. He’s been a mainstay ever since, bringing a helping of zen and positive energy to our back yard. And all credit to him – he’s been largely ignored in that time, save for the birds flying overhead who have kindly gifted him the contents of their backsides. 

Yesterday, my sister agreed to adopt him while we’re away. The lucky guy gets an owner more devoted to the art of healthy living than we ever were, not to mention a London upgrade from zone 5 to 3. 

As I gave him away, Ava asked me where he was going. When I told her we couldn’t take him to California, she got visibly upset. It lasted all of 5 seconds, before she skipped off to have an argument with a dandelion instead. 

It struck me that there are things we attach ourselves to that we don’t even know about. Things in the back of a cupboard or on a shelf somewhere that give us comfort from just being there, even though we don’t pay them any attention. In our last few weeks here, I guess we should try to open our eyes to what those things are, and appreciate them while they’re still ours.

Woah, that was deep for a Sunday morning. Hollyoaks, anyone?


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