Deep breath. Four weeks from today is our leaving do. 

A few days later we should be boarding the plane, armed with a 10-hour toddler survival kit. If Alex packs it, there’ll be all kinds of activities, games and healthy snacks. If it’s me, chocolate, an iPad, travel-size whiskey and a sleeping pill. Only one of those is for me. 

Since the last post, I’ve done two near all-nighters to complete the epic visa application forms, we’ve booked our appointment at the Consulate, and just this morning our house was posted online on Zoopla. 

In the next week I have an appointment at the passport office, the pre-move shipment survey, and a follow-up tax consultation. 

The tasks on our to-do list are dropping like flies. The time is flying. And soon, we will be too. 


2 thoughts on “Flies. ”

    1. Good memory Linesley. Although I do make some questionable fashion statements, my taste in underwear has improved since then. I find Y-fronts most becoming on me.


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