Update on the visa process – my immigration attorney has said I can now book an appointment at the Consulate in London.

I just checked the site and the average wait time for an appointment is 17 calendar days, which is a lot sooner than I thought. I had to check twice to make sure I didn’t miss a 0 at the end. I guess the US needs to balance its quota and bring in more people with dodgy teeth.

Before I can make the appointment, there’s just the small matter of completing a form the length of the internet. And then doing it again another 3 times for Alex and the girls. Oh, and to progress past the first page, I have to state my address in the US. Which I don’t have, because I need to get a visa first.

God only knows what they’ll ask for on the subsequent pages – a sample of Alex’s eyelash? Leftovers from the kids’ lunch? A video diary of my toilet habits?

If I ever make it past page one, I’ll let you know.


Any thoughts on this?

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