A couple of weeks ago the immigration lawyers initiated the visa application process. I had to fill in a questionnaire which was pretty straight forward, only pausing briefly on this one teaser: 

Do you intend to, or have you ever engaged in terrorist activity or practised genocide on home soil or abroad?

Now, if I did have such plans, I’m pretty sure the last people I’d confide in would be the authorities. But rest assured, I have no such intention. I make no promises for the kids though. At the age of 4, Ava has already mastered the dark art of blackmail, while Daisy has a penchant for explosive tantrums in the most public places. 

Everything rests on the visa. I’m told I’ll have the paperwork within 2 weeks, which will enable me to make an appointment with the U.S. Consulate, who then give me the visa after a few days. 

A guy at work had to wait 6 weeks for his visa appointment. But he’s smarter than me and he has a great beard, so I suspect they fast tracked his application. I’m not convinced the U.S. is rushing to bring in a Brit with a receding hairline, bad teeth and mediocre sporting aptitude. 

When we get the visa, the dominoes start to fall; we book the flights, confirm our accommodation, reserve our rental car, line up school visits…

But for now, I’ll just grow a beard and wait. 


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