I understand tax!

Said nobody, ever.

Yesterday I had a call with a Deloitte consultant to take me through the UK tax exit process. He spoke for an hour and a half, and even found time to make jokes during the call to lighten the mood. Dude, this is tax we’re talking about. The only way you’re going to lighten the mood is if you tell me I don’t have to pay any.

In the next 7 weeks I have to complete a NRL1Y, give Deloitte my UTR, sign a 64-8 and submit a SA1 as a precaution. That way I can get a 0T. Simples.

For those of you who, like me, have no idea what that means – here’s the gist:

I will pay tax. Some of it will be in the UK, some more will be in the US. How much exactly? Don’t know, but it’s somewhere between “a lot” and “a shit load”.


Any thoughts on this?

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