So. Much. To. Do.

Alex and I don’t get much time to ourselves. When we do, Alex gets things done; it’s amazing how much a Mum can do when she’s given 30 minutes away from her kids. Meanwhile, I faff. It’s an art I’ve crafted and mastered throughout my life.

But I am good at lists. And I’m finding that moving your entire life overseas demands the mother of all lists: sub-categories, bullet points, you name it. The list grows when I least expect it. I’ll be walking to the station, something comes to me, and all of a sudden I’m barking out random words. Netflix! Council Tax! Plugs!

In the off-chance that someone (other than me) actually reads this, and just supposing they’re interested in the things we have to get done before we leave, here’s a scaled-down list. There’s a whole bunch of tasks under each of these, and I can tell you now that we will never get it all done, especially while I’m in charge. Hopefully Alex is reading this and will stage a coup to overthrow me.

– Rent out house
– Sell car
– Stop all utilities
– Figure out what to do with our possessions
– Apply for visa
– Prepare for UK tax exit / US tax entry
– Shortlist nurseries
– Confirm temporary accommodation

If everything goes according to plan, we’ll be leaving in 7 weeks. 7 weeks to get all that done! Christ. Just thought of a couple more to add to the list:

– Try not to panic
– Wear two pairs of pants at all times, just in case I fail the above


4 thoughts on “So. Much. To. Do.”

  1. Just take it one step at a time! We’ve done this twice now… with kids… by no means are we experts but I remember how overwhelming the feeling was the first time we were packing up and moving 4000 miles away from home. Once you are there, you’ll look back and realize, that’s the easy part 😉 Just kidding… take a deep breath and it will all be fine! Good luck!!

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    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Julie. It’s great to know others have been there, done it, bought the t-shirt…and then done it all over again. If you could package up some of that positive energy and send it our way, we’ll be most grateful!


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