Catch up.

Here’s the background. Alex and I have always loved the U.S. As kids we went there a lot with our families. I spent a couple of summers there during university, and before Alex and I had kids of our own (you know, back when we had a life), the two of us went on a road trip up the west coast.

I have been in European Retail Marketing for a tech firm, for 3 years. Since I joined the company I’ve been to the U.S. every 6 months. And each time I’ve visited, I’ve seen more reasons to be out there long-term.

In January, an opportunity in the Global Marketing team became available, and I grabbed at it with both hands. Thankfully, the good people out there wanted me to come too. I accepted their offer in March, and in 2 months’ time, we’ll be heading off to live the American dream.


Any thoughts on this?

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